The Freaky Fall Hunt Hints & SLurls List

«~~ Shop # ~~» «~~Shop Name~~» «~~SLurl~~» «~~Hunt Hint~~»
ATTENTION HUNTERS: Please be advised - this order IS correct, the pumpkin #'s may not as you seek your prizes. Just Follow the Slurls if you are stuck.

#1 Another World SLurl: Click Here Hint: The walking stickman holds the hints

#2 Street Dermatology SLurl: Click Here Hint: This pumpkin is model good

#3 Magically Aluring SLurl: Click Here Hint: LOL A buxom pumpkin

#4 Dench Designs SLurl: Click Here Hint: Crackling, but not cackling

#5 Kastle Rock Couture SLurl: Click Here Hint: even a pumpkin loves a great deal on an old tshirt

#6 The Hedge Witch at Pasara SLurl: Click Here Hint: Where would a pumpkin be? Why, in a garden, of course!

#7 AC Designs SLurl: Click Here Hint: Go up and check out the shoes!

#8 Fire is GOOD!!! Click Here No Hint Needed

#9 Sinuous Shapes Click Here Make sure you look over every corner!

#10 Vanity Designs Inc. Click Here Hint: Do you know what time it is?

#11Aster's Builts Weddings Invites and Giver Click Here Hint: The pumpkin likes to eat so come and have dinner with us.

#12 Bells Home Decor Click Me Hint: Follow the footprints, Bed Time Little Pumpkin

#13Belle's Happy Birthday Rez Day & Seasonal Shop Click Here

#14 Bethany's Boutique Click Here

# 15 SandzabaR Click Here Hint : it's in a purrrrfectly good hiding spot

#16 Boootiful Creations Click Here

#17 FRAMED Click Here I am not too hard to find, just keep your eyes open and make sure you dont trip over me!

#18 Designs by Capri Click Here Hint: to hunters I am one among many. You'll have to walk the store to find me.

#19 Genuine designs - no longer available, bypass to 20

#20 The Caproni Style Click Here Hint: When you find MJ on the stair, mind you dont fall

#21 Party Time Decoration Store Click Here Hint: Happy Halloween

#22 LJ Mopp) artRIOT Community Gallery Click Here

#23 Alexohol fashion Click Here swinging from the ceiling might find you a prize

#24 NOSOTR@S Designs Click Here Oops..bunneh had an accident

#25 .:WEiRD.DESiGNS:. Click Here

#26 C.N.I. Click Here Hint: Vamps rest here

#27 Salamander Mall Click Here follow the footprints

#28 Serendipity design Click Here Hint: Look up...

#29 Lois Designs Click Here

#30 Divine Decadents Clothing Company Click Here woot Hint: Check the club, Have a seat

#31 Wilson's Designs For Men Click Here

#32 Ultrateque Click Here

#33 Ruth's Creations Click Here Hanging with the Homies

#34 Magia Click Here This is a Promotional Pumpkin

#35 DW Design Click Here

#36 IGNITION Click Here

#37 Zomelia Design Click Here This pumpkin has wet feet

#38 Nympholism Click Here

#39 DivaLicious Click Here

#40 Emi'z Tatz Click Here Walk in... Look up high - you will find what you seek :)

#41 Bound BDSM Art Gallery Click Here dem bones!!!

#42 Knotty Tanks and More Click Here

#43 Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage Click Here

#44 AIDORU Click Here Watch the death in its' eyes!

#45 Dianna's Revenge Click Here

#46 {CIPRIA COUTURE} STORE Click Here autumn leaves

#47 LL Designs Click Here

#48 Zanzibar creationZ Click Here Make sure you inspect every crevice up high to find me, I am observing from a lofty perch

#49 Forever Charmed Click Here

#50 Michigans Shack Hunts can be tiring................. Hint: Take a rest

#51 Terminal 3 Airship Dock and Armory Click Here Hint: Find the Right Store, and search high up

#52 Samsara Design Clothes Click Here This pumpkin likes pretty dresses

#53 Saint Sinner's Clothing Click Here

#54 Vamp Equip Click Here Hint: You have looked high...You have looked have looked left, and you have looked right..You must be tired...I think its time for a rest :)

#55 Lemania Indigo Designs Click Here you can find me with a lovely lady in the Hollywood Icon area.

#56 DeMieStyle Click Here Hint: so many flies above the water...

#57 Forgotten Earth Design Click Here Up, Up & Away!

#58 RGK Custom Photo Services Click Here

#59 Great Royal Wife Designs Click Here

#60 Clever Endeavors Click Here Hint: Look high and low, from here to there, as long as it leads you to the stair

#61 AIDORU Click Here Hint: is the pumpkin irish?

#62 Magical Moments Weddings Click Here

#63 Cutie Honey Click Here

#64 #Before Sleep# Click Here I'm by the birdies feet

#65 Beck Bars Neon Click Here

#66 Epidermis Emporium Click Here Hint: GOUGING EYES? GET NEW ONES HERE

#67 Mollyworld Transport Housing Click Here Hint: Get your tickets, then go upstairs and warm yourself by the fire - remember, all journeys begin in a depot.

#68 CM Designs Click Here

#69 Home Expo Click Here Hint: Follow the music and join us for the dance

#70 Beaulieu Excentric Click Here follow the footprints

#71 Sunshine Design*~* Click Here Hint: Pumpkins loves makeshift beds

#72 Deviant Designs Click Here Hint: Beauty is only this deep

#73 Holiday Bliss Click Here

#74 Troubled Rebel Click Here

#75 Bana Karu Click Here

#76 La Flat::. Modern Homes and Skyboxes Click Here

#77 Simply Shelby Click Here

#78 Marie's Spectacular Studio and Gallery Click Here

#79 Lacie Dayz Click Here

#80 Amaya's Music Gestures Click Here Hint: watch your step

#81 Second Look Art & Photo Studios (SLAPS) Click Here Hint: A picture is worth a thousand words...errr... or L$500. Ouch!

#82 Kat's Meow Click Here Where the ghost rides and the pumpkins flame

#83 The PeaPod - Rugs & Wall Art Click here

#84 Teagan's Click Here Hint: The walking talking stickman has the hint

#85 Rogue Designs Click Here

#86 ::FSD:: Free Spirit Designs Click Here (Store is missing - Bypass until further notice)

#87 Nushru Click Here

#88 Quality Click Here

#89 Copper Sun Designs Click Here Have a sit on the Cozy Cubes, it may come to you!

#90 Poets of Zarahemla Village Square Click Here Hint: Green is soothing

#91 Cosmo Chic Click Here

#92 JELLYBEANZ - No Longer Available, please move on to #93

#93 Cornor of Revolving Time Click Here Hint: Follow the foot steps and search for your goal, look to the right and go.

#94 ~Houses for You~ Click Here Beware of the Freaky Fountain

#95 !SMK in the SKY! Click Here

#96 Firefly Fashions Click Here Hint: Double Your Fun

#97 Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe Click Here Hint: Double Double Toil and Trouble

#98 VISIONS GALLERY Click Here Hint: Footprints lead the way.

#99 Turing Isle Dog Park Click Here Hint:Where would you go if your dog was sick?

#100 Beldimi Designs Click Here Hint: what an insult

#101 DragonLady Designs Click Here Doesn't Vanessa have pretty shoes?

#102 Shelley's Place Click Here

#103 Eye Mania Click Here

#104 Clover Click Here

#105 Shapely Designs Click Here Hint: This pumpkin enjoys the sun

#106 Vanity Shapes and Skin Click Here Hint: low you're sure to find this one

#107 Forest Lake Fairytale Mall Click Here Hint: I will be in costumes as you will see.

#108 Kastle Rock Couture Click Here Hint: Even pumpkins shop on Xstreet

#109 zibber's jewelry & silks Click Here Hint: what a view!

#110 *ICED* Click Here Hint: Even Pumpkins need a little something to adorn their ears with!

#111 Le Monde Fine Furniture Click Here

#112 Lolipopz Hair Salon Store SLURL: Click Here Hint: "Look for the windows"

#113 Prims 4 U Click Here

#114 VM Detail & Design Click Here Hint: this one likes to hang out with the other veggies - if you were a pumpkin where would YOU be?

#115 ::Gehenna:: Click Here Hint: Do you feel lucky?

#116 4Life Womens Fashion Clothing & Mens Fashion Clothing Click Here Hint: Go back, way back!

#117 Euphoria Click Here

#118 Trixxy's Shop Click Here

#119 Kadeesha's Mystic Jewelry Click Here Hint: Diamonds warm your heart like fire

#120 Loser Designs Click Here Hint: I only date Losers

#121 Evaki Click Here

#122 Starlight Photos Click Here

#123 Soulless Productions (The Store) Click Here This Checkered Monster is hiding something Freaky!

#124 nishi designs Click Here

#125 Just Holidays Click Here Hint: An apple a day keeps the doctor away :)

#126 Viper's Den Click Here Hint: Up, Up & Away!

#127 Meimu Click Here

#128 ~LilyPads~ Click Here Hint: This freaky pumpkin is really into good causes

#129 The Tiny Art Gallery & Gardens Click Here Hint: Look where spiders make their webs

#130 Sterling Artistry Click Here Hint: This freaky pumpkin wants to be an astronaut.

#131 Dawnie's Click Here

#132 CELESTIAL BLISS @ Voodoo Click Here

#133 PHAT DRAGON DESIGN Click Here Hint: nobody puts pumpkin in the corner

#134 Nirrti's Shoppe Click Here

#135 MaXeyes Creations Click Here

#136 HeLLa JeSSTuReS Click Here Hint: That freaky bunny just pooted out a punkin!

#137 SteamBound Click Here

#138 Filthy Glitter (formerly Andi D Designs) Click Here Hint: You didn't get your gift? Try redelivering it!

#139 Seasonal Creations Click Here Hint: Find the Witches Hat!

#140 Lok's Low Prim Furniture Click Here Hint: Don't let your VANITY get in the way while you're looking for this pumpkin.

#141 dStinct Designs Click Here

#142 D&V Creations Click Here

#143 Serenity Click Here

#144 the Broken Doll & Rusty Cog shop Click Here if you are having trouble take a seat and think for a while

#145 Motional Click Here Beyond Surrender

#146 Sirens Song Sea Side Click Here Peter Peter Pumpkin Patch only one is what you seek

#147 CELESTIAL BLISS @ Argentum Click Here

#148 Smooth Designs Click Here "Move on up towards your destination, and proceed past the work station"

#149 2u Sweet Neko Click Here Lay down on the cat blanket and relax

#150 Intimidation Animation Click Here No cushion for you!

#151 Delightfully Yours Flowers & Gifts Click Here
under 20 steps

#152 Lady Trader Click Here

#153 After Hours Club and Mall Click Here

#154 PHAT DRAGON DESIGN Click Here Follow the pumpkin it is the dream that you get from the bumps in the night

#155 RazorWire Designs Click Here to find my freaky will have to think where people get dressed or change clothes :-))

#156 Claw'D Click Here A small space but the pumpkin and ice pick don't mind **Currently directs to 13th Floor, no longer available, please visit the new #157 SLurl :)

#157 Brass in Pocket Click Here Rest Your Dogs

#158 Poof Mania Click Here

#159 Ethereal Nature Collaborative Click Here

#160 Papillon's Click Here Look Behind the Purple Skirt!

#161 Touch of Sun Click Here

#162 A Touch of Surreal Designs / "nuvolino" Studios Click Here Don't look too hard for me, check above your head!

#163 LooLoo & Wolf's Moon Click Here

#164 Sandy's Mall Click Here Follow the footprints to a place with many faces, look high look low, look all over for one that looks at you. Then you will find your prize!!!

#165 Tango New York Click Here Good Luck:)))

#166 LiQUiFiEd Click Here Blends into collecting dust!

#167 Canis Beach Dog Park Click Here

#168 Morte's Seduction Click Here Have you had your fortune told lately?

#169 Luftenn Kyger Fin's Click Here

#170 Gridiron Click Here

#171 Fuzzy Lemon Click Here Yay! I am a head for a lady who was needing a fill in!

#172 Khan's Innovations Click Here Don't be afraid to open the doors and peep in!

#173 Clothes Culture Click Here to Hunt for me peek where some folks store a broom, and you'll find me tucked away safely in a little room

#174 Jems by Maeve Click Here not needed

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogger Previews

Arielle Boccaccio has posted a preview of some of the freaky items you can find on the hunt.  Check out to see them!

Monday, September 7, 2009

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